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Malcolm Long Optometry and Contact Lens Practitioners.

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Malcolm Long Optometry are committed to offering the best and most appropriate optometric care in friendly surroundings. We pride ourselves on our personal approach, our staff and our attention to detail.

What we do

The most important function we perform as Optometry is examining peoples’ eyes, listening, giving advice, giving options and solving problems.

It is our aim to provide specialist care for everyone, from infants to the elderly. Amongst other functions that we practice, our in-depth knowledge and experience includes:

Malcolm Long Optometry are equipped to meet the specialist needs of occupational visual assessment at work and the supply of necessary optical appliances, whether to satisfy safety requirements, or to ensure optimum visual task-related performance.

Malcolm Long Optometry are also specialist registered contact lens practitioners and relish any contact lens related problems, routine aftercare or suitability assessment.

“Malcolm Long Optometry strive to ensure that nobody does it better.”